"Faster Together"

Nitro Kart firmly believes we'll all go "Faster Together". We want all of our club and casual racers to have the same level of setup resources as our factory drivers. We know that through the extensive testing our factory team does that we'll have great setup notes to give to all Nitro-Kart owners. Likewise, we know there are many skilled tuners out there testing on Nitro-Karts at their local tracks that likely have some great feedback as well.  

To harness the power of "crowd sourcing" among our many teams we have created an online Community that any Nitro owner can access anytime.   Think about it, if you are at the track struggling to find speed you can tap into this network for almost immediate answers. The Nitro Community includes factory tuners, club racers, and the man Nick Tucker himself. You no longer need to rely on advice from the local hot shoe at your track that may be on a different brand of kart.  Now you can get first hand advice, that is track tested and proven.  

When you get your Nitro-Kart you'll be invited to become part of the Nitro Community where you can ask questions and even offer your advice.